Player Orientation


The next few sessions of the game will be hosted online via Maptool. In order to play in the online game you must complete the Maptool Orientation.


The game is 1st 1st Edition AD&D and it’s not necessary to read or bring any rules to the game. I’ll (hopefully!) have everything covered in that department. However, if you want to read up ahead of time, and/or bring some rules, that’s great too. You can grab either a vintage Players Handbook, or chapters 1, 2 and 3 from OSRIC. OSRIC (Old School Reference and Information Compendium) is a free retro-clone of AD&D 1e and is mostly the same game written from a more contemporary perspective. The Players Handbook often goes for $10 to $20 on Ebay, and the 1st edition reprint (different cover, same book) is dirt cheap. If you do have a Players Handbook, be sure to revisit pp. 101-09, The Adventure and Successful Adventures. That stuff is golden!

That’s it! Continue on to Orientation Optional Reading if you wish and see you on April 16th!

Player Orientation

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