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The setting (milieu as Gygax likes to say) is of my own design but also strictly canonical in terms of monsters, deities, magic, planes, etc. The Judges Guild books by Bledsaw and co. are the other main inspiration.


The style of play will be old school. You may be aware of the so-called Old School Rennaissance (OSR), and if not that’s fine too! If you’d like to learn more about the old school style of play a guy named Mathew Finch wrote a great Quick Start Primer for Old School Gaming. And the hub of the OSR blogosphere is The Eternal Keep in case you want to do some exploring and get a feel for the spirit of this type of play.

Player Characters

You’ll be playing starting level adventurers yearning to cross from civilized lands into a frontier wilderness in search of the secrets of power and magic, and treasures of lost civilizations.

Update 04/02: A few more details about character generation. I am pretty sure I’ll have you roll 4d6-pick-highest-3, rolling stats in order (no arranging). Each player will roll for 5 characters, keep 3 of those characters, choose one to play and the others are your backups in case of death. This way you see what kind of characters the dice grant you access to, rather than choosing Ranger, Magic User, etc. ahead of time. And the 4d6 should ensure you get a few heroic stats. One player has expressed desire to do it the hardcore way, which is roll straight 3d6 top to bottom and let the dice stand. I’ll pose this option to group on the day and if you choose to go this way you will have my utmost respect!

Campaign Structure

The campaign structure is what these days is called sandbox. That is, I build the world and dungeons, but don’t seek to inject a story top down. Instead, you the players create your own goals and choose the direction. For a great example of sandbox play, see The West Marches (oops, just added the link 4/2).


One final note is the game will be miniatures-intensive and feature painted vintage 25mm figures and terrain a mix of Dwarven Forge and scratch-built pieces. I will have dozens of adventurers to choose from. If you have any 25mm adventurers, though, they are certainly welcome! Please do make sure they are 25mm scale (meaning they will probably have to have been made in the 70s or 80s; figs these days are generally 28-32mm (Reaper, Rackham, Warhammer, etc) and are too big). Also, we are going for “fully painted.” Unpainted figs are great to bring as long as you will be willing to paint those chosen for play soon!

If you’d like to learn about vintage 25mm fantasy figs, try these links:

Orientation Optional Reading

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