Maptool Orientation

Maptool launching, downloading and connecting

Maptool site

Maptool download links:

Once you download the file you can extract it to any location and run the Maptool Launcher. No installation is necessary. You must have Java installed to run Maptool.

Once you have Maptool running you can test it out offline or, if I’m hosting a test session at the moment you can choose “Connect to Server” from the file menu and fine the game called “The Borderlands and Beyond” in the list. See emails for the password.


We will also be using Skype for voice. Download and install Skype if you haven’t already.

Using Maptool

The Watch the Introduction to MapTool and Player Quickstart tutorials should give you everything you need to know about using Maptool as a player.

Orientation tasks

Before game day please play around with Maptool and get a very basic level of familiarity with moving a token around etc. Here are some tasks to try and should only take you a few minutes.

  • Successfully connect to the Borderlands server during one of the tests I’m running
  • On the test server:
    • Grab one of the tokens I’ve left out and fill out your stats completely. If you like you can save it to your desktop and continue to work on it offline. You don’t need to add pictures; leave that to me. If you need a copy of your character sheet I have it, let me know.
    • Light a torch or a lantern.
    • Move your token around the environment until you wind up back where you started.
    • Attack one of the monsters using the attack macro
    • Leave a chat message to the effect of so-and-so was here or whatever.
  • Successfully place a skype call

Notes on Maptool Test Sessions

  • I’ll announce maptool sessions via email. I’m happy to arrange a specific time that’s good for you.
  • I don’t need to be present for you to do the test. There’s a chance I’ll be at my computer and will notice you connect and say hi, but you should be able to do it all on your own.
  • Let me know if any questions come up.

Maptool Orientation

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